The Colorful Mess of Redrick Sultan

Saturday night I invited my friends along to experience a genre of music I have little knowledge of: experimental, progressive, indie rock. What is this genre of music sound like you wonder? Until Redrick Sultan‘s show at the Railway Club on Saturday, May 21 I did not fully grasp what I was getting myself into. The band aptly calls their unique sound ‘crazy music’ and I agree with them completely!

When Redrick Sultan hit the stage to open for Aunts and Uncles, Beekeeper, and Man Your Horse, their fans were already swarming the stage to cheer the band on. With Noah Jordan on bass/vocals/keys, Jarrad Lajeunesse on drums/vocals, Spencer Hargreaves on guitar/vocals, and Angus McKee on sax/keys, Redrick Sultan started the night off with an unstoppable amount of frenetic energy. The catchy melodies that intro most of their songs made me put down my beer and focus all my attention on stage and really listen. Once the band has mellowed you into their upbeat melodies they completely shock your system with an unexpected departure into theatrical lyrics that demand all of your attention. This unique song arrangement is what defines the ‘crazy music’ sound of Redrick Sultan.

Check out their new album!

What I’m listening to right now: Tommy Alto – Scream My Name

Borrowed Thoughts:

“Our generational mandate is to turn us around from the direction we’re headed” – Kevin Millsip

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Mallory is a local to the Vancouver scene who likes to escape to new places seeking crazy adventures whenever the weather turns gloomy. After a hazy two years at UVIC and an unforgettable hiatus to the Southern Hemisphere she is now focused on finishing her career as a student at SFU as a Communications Major. Y57 is Mallory’s first experience in radio broadcasting stepping into the role of Assistant Music Coordinator.

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