What Success Looks Like at the Age of Sixteen

It’s late on a rainy Sunday night and I find myself contemplating all of the different genres existing in music culture these days. The need to label and confine music into distinct sounds that represent different styles of music isn’t what talent and creativity is all about. For some musicians, inspiration now comes from breaking free of these boundaries to play the music they love. Redrick Sultan is one such band who use their talents and creativity to experiment with their instruments to make whatever music fits their mood. On their upcoming album you will find reggae and rap alongside their original progressive rock sounds. It’s all about the music and you can definitely understand where they are coming from when you see them perform live. Redrick Sultan leaves it all on stage, whether they are performing to the sound guy in a bar back east or to a crowd full of fans and friends here in Vancouver. In my opinion, they are a band to follow and support because they do what they love and that is more than most of us can say.

As we head into the fifth week of May, I am excited to introduce you to my favorite alter-ego, Tommy Alto. Tommy began his music career as a solo musician two years ago, which culminated in his self-produced debut album Scream My Nameand a 10 day tour in March through Washington and Oregon. Now that he is back and ready to rock-and-roll in his local Vancouver settings Tommy Alto, better known as Tommy Vander Kam, has put together a band and recently won Surrey City Jamyouth talent contest. Tommy and his band mates Brett McCrady, Ostyn Farmer, and Marshall Herridge, competed against twenty talented youth musicians and came out on top. There is a great article in the Peace Arch News featuring Tommy Alto and their big win. While you’re at it you should also check out Tommy Alto’s music video for Nickels and Dimes.

When I first spoke to Tommy, I was impressed by his laid back demeanor in light of all his accomplishments. Not only did he lay down all the vocal and instrumental tracks on his debut album, but he released Scream My Name through his own independent label Awakener Records. The guy has incredible musical talents as well as smart business sense. If you don’t know about Tommy Alto yet you will soon.

Nickels and Dimes – Tommy Alto

What I’m listening to now: Bridges Out – Jackals in the Nursery

Borrowed Thoughts:

“If I could make it a career, I’d be the happiest man on Earth, but I’m keeping my school grades up anyway.” – Tommy Alto

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