February 2012: Sunny Huang

While most grade 12 students are preparing for prom, choosing their gowns, dates, limos and heels, Sunny Huang, Secretary General of the Canadian High Schools Model United Nations, is preparing for next week’s big Model UN conference. With over 750 people from BC, Eastern Canada and the United States, her focus is making this a memorable event for all. Although she has been involved in one form or another with the Model UN since grade seven, Sunny decided to take a bigger step in grade 10 and is now out there, first hand, making a difference in our community today. At these conferences Sunny explains how the goal is to stimulate the minds of the participants while encouraging debate and thinking. By being a part of such a large group, or what some may call a growing movement, Model UN allows for today’s youth to become aware of the various problems and situations affecting our world today. Not only that, but they are able to discuss, think, and debate on reasons for these situations as well as possible situations for them.

Sunny has not only spent a lot of her life dedicated to the Canadian High School’s Model United Nations, but has also grown a passion for working with the homeless, especially the homeless youth in Vancouver. In fact, for the past year she was a member of the Family Court Youth Justice Committee where they got together to discuss issues and possible ways to improve the situation for our homeless youth. Although this was just a one year commitment and it ended this past December it doesn’t mean that Sunny’s mission to aid the homeless youth is over. Alongside friends and others wanting to get involved in helping Vancouver’s homeless youth, Sunny helps in collecting items (ie: clothing, food, and pamphlets on rehab and growth) and putting together packages for youth. Not only does she drop off these packages to local shelters but you can find Sunny herself on the streets distributing these packages and trying to make a first-hand connection with the youth. It takes a lot to not only makes these packages but to go the extra mile and distribute them, but Sunny doesn’t cease to amaze us with her commitment to her passion to help the homeless.

All the while being a part of the Model United Nations and partaking in assisting the homeless youth in Vancouver, Sunny somehow also finds time to be a regular grade 12 girl, play tennis, and participate in choir. Sunny shows the youth of today that we are so fortunate for what we have so why not take a moment to pay it forward and help the youth out there that need us most!

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