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May 2010: Brian Chung

It all started with the movie. Inspired a movie about North Korea, Brian Chung, a fourth year student at UBC, decided to start an awareness group about the world’s only Communist country. “PUNK, or Promoting Understanding of North Korea, started […]

Mar 2010: Jeff Torres

“Anyone can change their lives for the better,” says Jeff Torres, the 20-year-old Youth Ambassador for World Vision. ” I did, so if I can do it, anyone can.” It’s easy to assume that Jeff, the top youth fundraiser for 30 HR […]

Mar 2010: Connor Ruther

Who is this talented actor who can speak in any accent, sing like Elvis Presley, and has tons of useful tools under his belt ? Connor Ruther, a grade 12 student at Churchill Secondary School, has been in seven shows […]