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About Sonia Sophia

Sonia is from Vancouver, British Columbia and is currently a Communications student at SFU. When she's not busy with school or work, she co-runs a music blog, networks with music industry individuals, promotes shows, interviews bands, jams with her friends, attends as many concerts as physically possible, works on some art and photography, and volunteers for awesome independent organizations. Pretty much all she hears, thinks, talks, and cares about is music, music, and wait for In the future, she would love to travel more, meet more amazing people and to continue being an enormous music nerd as she continually expands her music collection.

Tommy Alto: Gentleman of Immense Talent and Hilarity

Local act Tommy Alto is the moniker of frontman Tom Vander Kam who creates indie rock/alternative pop alongside his bandmates Benjamin Klassen (guitar/vocals), Paul Engles (bass/vocals), and Brian Shannon (drums).


Coco Young: Locking Down the Indie Rock Front

Operating under the moniker of Coco Young, Alex Ross (vocals/synths), Makoto Wakabayashi (guitar), Adam Wong (bass), and Zak Haddad (drums) together bring their own flair to the highly revered local indie rock styles of Vancouver.


Into the Groove of Magik Spells

Magik Spells is a three-piece alternative rock outfit consisting of Jason Stashko, Jake Layden, and Joel Macloed who formed the band almost two years ago in Calgary, Alberta, before moving across some short distance to Vancouver to continue their musical […]


Bah Bu Rah: A Journey Through Passive Experimentalism

Bah Bu Rah is the moniker of local bedroom producer Andrew Eadie who describes his craft as a “passive music project” which explores elements of experimentalism with an ambient and lo-fi aesthetic.


Scrambled Debutante: Louder is Better and Effortless

Local garage rock/punk outfit Scrambled Debutante is an up-and-coming trio to be reckoned with. The band, consisting of lead female vocalist and guitarist Xu Wang, bassist Jesse Wentzloff, and drummer Jamie Cessford craft a sound altogether louder and more energetic […]


Alas, The Ocean: Growing and Dreaming Big

Alas, The Ocean is an indie folk-pop outfit that grew from the yearning heart of multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Allen Rapadas back in high school. Like many young artists with a passionate outlook and a lovesick heart, Allen wrote songs that […]


Daniel Moir: Road to Anew

Originally from Edmonton, Daniel Moir is an indie folk artist who recently settled in Vancouver to further pursue his musical endeavors. Finding himself more inclined to the indie and folk genres, Vancouver provided the right environment and opportunities for the […]