Meet the Y57 Team: Mirelle Mokhtar

Mirelle Mokhtar Hey Mirelle! Tell us a bit about yourself. I’m Mirelle Mokhtar, and I recently graduated from SFU with a degree in Communications and I live in Vancouver B.C. I’m a singer-songwriter and I’m currently working on my music […]

[Show Recap] Double Take: Fionn in the Studio

Listen to our April 18, 2017 broadcast here, which features our interview with Fionn!  The Y57 team thought they were seeing double last night. Our guests of the night was Fionn, also known as twin sisters Alanna and Brianne. Hailing […]

Reel2Real International Film Festival for the Youth!

Reel2Real International Film Festival for the Youth will be taking place from Sunday, April 2 to Saturday, April 8. On our March 28th show, we talked to Tammy Bannister, who is the director of programming at the Reel2Real International Film Festival […]

Open Call for Radio Personalities! [Submissions Closed]

Calling all up-and-coming Radio Personalities! Think Radio is dead? Think again! Y57 Media is Vancouver Co-op Radio CFRO’s only young-adult show, running every Tuesday from 7pm to 8pm. The show focuses on providing a platform to young local artists as […]

Why it’s Really Annoying Being a Youth in Politics

This past month, Britain has “Brexited” the European Union and families across England have been torn apart.   I witnessed it myself, and I live about one continent and the Atlantic Ocean away from them. The glaringly obvious generational split of opinion […]

The Cut Losses – A Reinvention

On a refreshingly sunny, beautiful day in downtown Vancouver, Patrick McWilliams, aka The Cut Losses, is just finishing up his 2 ½ week tenure recording with one of the city’s leading producers, Felix Fung, at his east-side studio known as […]

The Cut Losses X Cedar Street Records – First Impressions

Sitting in Felix Fung‘s studio with Patrick McWilliams while he played back the new Cut Losses 5-track EP in its entirety, starting with the re-work of the breakout single, “Spending Time On My Own”, was fascinating.   Particularly because Patrick was […]

A Fuzz-Filled Night at The Matador

Written by: Jake Templeman   A fuzz-filled night that left my ears ringing for about the length of three Harry Potter movie marathons.   Who: Little Wild, Seven Nines and Tens, Sparkle Water, Low Levels Where: The Matador, East Vancouver […]

All Ages Shows in Vancouver – Not a Complete Myth

Hello everyone, my name is Jake and I have recently joined the Y57 team as an online contributor. This means I will be writing and posting articles right here, on the Y57 website. This is my first piece, so I […]

Little India x Mealshare: buy an EP, provide a meal

Music can be used for many things, it can express, heal, communicate, and bring people together. On October 22, Little India will use music to feed. With their new acoustic EP, “Miracle Skin”, Little India aims to raise $10,000 in an […]