On the Edge with Progressive Rock Band Within Rust

Band: Within Rust

Genre: Progressive Rock/ Alternative Metal/ Post Hardcore

Band Members: Nolen Scott (Vocals/Keys), Matt Gage (Guitar), Lewis Scott (Drums), John Waldock (Bass)

Next Gig: August 31st,2013 at Capri Hall & September 7th,2013 at Fleetwood Festival

Check out their EPwithinrust.bandcamp.com

Website: www.withinrust.com


Why did you decide to use the name “Within Rust”?

Nolen: We used to be Born Within Rust, Within Rust just sounded better. Its something hip and edgey like how we’re all living lives of indentured servitude and Karl Marx is my best friend.


How would you describe your sound?

Nolen: Big. And urgent, with lots of textures… I like to call it Pop Prog or Indie Metal as a joke.  Like If Rush and Radiohead had a baby and that baby had to grow up during a civil war between Nirvana and Dream Theatre. Periphery is its godfather.

Lewis:  I don’t even try anymore… I just say Progressive Rock to avoid 15 minutes of explanations.

Matt: Our sound?  I’d like to think Prog Rock, but I don’t think we have enough Prog yet.  Like Lewis said, we just say that to avoid 15 minutes of talking about ourselves.


The Vancouver music scene is a tight knit community. How do you meet others in the Vancouver music industry?

Nolen: You get out and about, shows, meetings, parties, internet parties, you find someone in a thread and say “Hey! I wanna meet/work/play with them, lets harass them!” Then you meet up, play some songs, chat, realize you’re all really cool people and you introduce each other to more really cool people.

Lewis: I’m a little on the anti-social social side… I mostly do technical stuff like audio, tech stuff, so I don’t know much about how to meet people in the scene but I can say from what I see people in the Vancouver music scene are really nice and seem to have our backs, even when we’ve had difficulties in the past and that says a lot.

Matt: Yeah, Lewis doesn’t always play well with others haha.


If you could go on a band retreat, where would you go?

Lewis: The moon.  Our gear would be lighter there… No wait, sound can’t travel there so maybe not.

Nolen: I think we’d have fun in Hollywood trolling famous people and harassing record execs, like punk kids in the 80’s or like Entourage but with less class.

Matt:  I’d be stoked to check out a guitar manufacturing place, just take in all that tasty gear.

John: A remote cabin, re-enacting the Tom Sawyer music video.


Who are your music icons?

Nolen: Thom Yorke, Geddy Lee, Jeff Buckley, Daniel Tompkins, because they push themselves beyond their limits as vocalists and songwriters.  Those dudes command intensity.  Chino Moreno, and Frank Ocean as well.

Matt: John Mayer, Alex Lifeson, David Gilmour, Jonny Greenwood, Bad Bad Not Good, John Petrucci, The Safety Fire. They’re all just really tasteful players with a great feel for tone.

John: Geddy Lee, Steven Wilson, Justin Chancellor, Christopher Wolstenholme and loads more.

Lewis: I’m really into Groove Metal, favourite drummers are Chris Adler, Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, and on the lighter side, Neil Peart and Larry Mullen Junior.  I also really love Queen, MCR, I could go on for days.


You described your recording studio  experience as being “like you were at home”. What advice can you give to new and upcoming artists who are interested in finding a recording studio?
Nolen:  Have pre-pro material available to show them. Things will go much smoother that way. Talk to different producers, listen to the artists they’ve recorded and keep your budget in mind. If someone is slightly out of your budget but you feel they’re going to be the producer that totally gets you, honestly go for it! Musicians are resourceful people, don’t feel like you have to cheap out on your vision. Also some bigger name producers will do things on the cheap, because they believe in nurturing the scene. Have fun! Figure out your hours before hand.


How do you calm your nerves before playing a big show?

Nolen: Make sure I’m properly warmed up, haven’t eaten for 3 hours, and have all the gear and water I need.

Matt: Mcdonalds… or Starbucks

Lewis: Energy Drinks!

John: Nothing yet haha.
What’s next for Within Rust?

Nolen: Some video stuff pretty soon, and some other stuff in the winter and early 2014 that we’ll keep a secret for now.




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