Big things to come from new Prog-Rock Band AIDA

When you hear the first rock-saturated tones of “Villains” off of Aida’s Electric Blue EP, you can’t help but think that these guys have come a long way since jamming at jazz school.

“People used to laugh at me when I played jazz…it’s a small community” says lead vocalist and guitarist Eric Gross.“I was known as the ‘rock guy”.Surrounded by his bandmates Vince Bacon (guitar/keyboard), Gareth Braunberger (bass), and Jeff Renz (drums), newcomers Aida are on their way to being among some of the top names in Vancouver’s prog-rock scene.

On Tour in Lethbridge, Alberta

On Tour in Lethbridge, Alberta

2013 has been a big year for them so far! This summer alone they finished mixing their first EP, travelled to Eric’s hometown of Lethbridge, AB for a few live shows, and almost won the opportunity to play a set at the annual Squamish Valley Music Festival through the Win the Stage contest.“Our goal is to play Squamish next year” says Vince, “festivals are a really awesome platform for the kind of thing we do.” In the purely public voting based competition, Aida placed as runners-up, a feat in popularity that a lot of newer artists can’t say they have.

The crowds in Alberta were also very good to them. “We were fortunate enough to play a really cool block party in Lethbridge. We let these kids go wild [on our tour van] and they spray-painted ‘Aida’ and flowers and love and rock ‘n roll and all this stuff.” This image of their colourful van ended up being a pretty fitting cover for Electric Blue.

In addition to their overall playful demeanor in the flesh, Aida is also a band whose individuals pride themselves in their own musical development, and who strive to be established as not only talented writers, but also seriously talented musicians.


Cover for Electric Blue

Among their many musical influences, they list established artists such as Muse, Rush, Queen, and Sigur Ros. As such, Aida continues to develop their own eclectic-ness of sound and sensitivity to musical style that places them in their own unique category of rock. “Change is always good”, says Eric, “I would be sad if in two years we were playing the same stuff as we are today.” All in all, it’s safe to say that these guys are well on their way to producing some more great work.


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