Rykka: A New Perspective

2013 was certainly a milestone year for Rykka, who saw the release of her first EP, Kodiak, under her new artist name, and won the top prize in The Peak Performance Project (arguably the most prestigious grant in the Vancouver music scene, but no big deal or anything). Landing a far cry from her previous days of strumming acoustic songs, Rykka has found a place in the dark drones of electro-alt/pop-rock, and no doubt she will find a home in everyone’s hearts and music playing devices in 2014.

Upon the first listen, the tunes that make up Kodiak play as some of the most modern sounding electro-alt songs that exist in music today, but Rykka had something else in mind while writing. Each song works around a theme from nature and offers us the chance to view the world from the perspective of a different animal. This was a conscious decision on Rykka’s part, as nature has always been something very important to her and she saw it as an opportunity to further develop her writing style. “I chose to write from animal perspective to kind of answer the fact that we’re hurting the environment everyday…it’s a weird thing to grow up knowing that everyday we’re just hurting the environment…so I wrote from the perspective of different animals to kind of get another view of the world.” In 2013, Rykka was also involved in the Nature Rocks campaign to get people physically into nature activities and share their experiences, rather than sitting in front of their personal screens all day. She hopes to continue her involvement again in the summer of 2014.

As a great topper to her year, Rykka placed first in The Peak Performance Project, which she was also involved in a few years back. “When they announced top 3 I balled my eyes out for like 20 minutes…that night [of the final show] I was just in a really good spot, I was ready to take anything as it came and was really present. But it really didn’t hit me until 10 days later.” A big part of The Peak Performance Project is for the artists to make plans for what they will do if they win the illustrious grant, and no doubt Rykka has a big year ahead of her, including recording some new material.

You can next catch Rykka live in Vancouver on January 31st at The Imperial

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