Vancouver hosts exclusive Youth Can Do Conference

With literally weeks until the events debut in Vancouver, tickets to the Youth Can Do Conference seem to be selling like no other. The premiere event is to be held on  May 1st and lasts the entire weekend. Open to students and the public alike, the conference will offer attendees exclusive workshops and panels in order to develop and fine tune skills that are necessary in creating and maintaining a successful business or NGO that encompasses issues within social justice.

It’s a three-day event, but don’t let that evoke an unnecessary fear within your curious mind. “It’s not a 9 – 5pm commitment that forces you to stay for the entire weekend. We’ve structured it so that you can really cater the conference as to what you want to get out of it,” explained event coordinator, Lina Zdruli. As a student herself, she was completely enveloped with excitement as she explained other aspects offered through the event.

The diversity and array of speakers and workshop hosts that are to be showcased at the event is staggering. Quality overshadows quantity, as the events lineup is highlighted by the likes of Adam Camenzuli, Tarek Hussein, Kevin Morgan, Katy Digovich, and Basant Motawi. Each of these distinguished individuals offer view points and tips from their fields of expertise. For instance, Kevin Morgan’s work with sustainable farming in urban environments led him to delve into the subject at a more in-depth level. In New Orleans, he introduced VertiFarms technology in order to provide the city with much of its locally grown produce, using as much as 90% less water than traditional farming methods.

Coupled with the eye–opening experiences of its speakers and the countless workshops offered, the Youth Can Do Conference is an opportunity that empowers youth towards initiating positive change in our world. The conference will be held May 1st to 3rd, 2014 in UBC at The Liu Institute for Global Issues, where tickets can be found here.

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