Little India x Mealshare: buy an EP, provide a meal


Music can be used for many things, it can express, heal, communicate, and bring people together. On October 22, Little India will use music to feed.

With their new acoustic EP, “Miracle Skin”, Little India aims to raise $10,000 in an effort to support Mealshare, a non-profit organization that makes it easier to provide for those who need it most. When you buy a Mealshare item from a partner restaurant, Mealshare supplies a meal to someone in need by way of a partner charity. The process is simple: buy one, give one.portsidemealshare

“We all know that hunger is a very prevalent problem in our society and Mealshare is doing an amazing job to help change that and we want to do our part,” says Little India in their video to support the cause. Check it out below!

Despite efforts and programs, an estimated 2,000 school children still go hungry. Little India, along with Mealshare, plan on changing that through an evening of music alongside local talents BESTiE and Ark & Ocean. The three groups will play at the Portside Pub on October 22nd, where 100% of the proceeds will go towards feeding hungry children here in Vancouver. That means all ticket and merchandise, proceeds from Mealshare items, and all cash raised at the event will go to providing meals to those who need them!

We’re not just sharing music, we’re sharing meals.

Not to mention each ticket includes a free Red Truck beer, and simply by attending you get the chance to do some good for someone else. But it doesn’t stop there! Every time Little India’s EP is purchased by you or a friend, you’re supporting the cause and providing a meal to someone in need.

The aim is to raise enough money to feed children breakfast for a whole school week, bringing Mealshare closer to their goal of providing 1 million meals to hungry people by next summer.

For more information on the event and how you can help, please visit:



by: Raman Kang, Online Contributor

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