The Cut Losses X Cedar Street Records – First Impressions

Sitting in Felix Fung‘s studio with Patrick McWilliams while he played back the new Cut Losses 5-track EP in its entirety, starting with the re-work of the breakout single, “Spending Time On My Own”, was fascinating.


Particularly because Patrick was listening to these songs reflectively for the first time as well. Watching his expressions, and his genuine curiosity and nervousness towards what we thought of the new material, was endearing and refreshing all at the same time. This is clearly a person who has put himself out on an artistic limb.



Earlier in the evening, Patrick had detailed how bands like The Beach Boys – especially their deeper cuts – had influenced him greatly growing up. And as soon as the first few beats hit our ears, it was clear to us as listeners that there was something familiar and friendly about the sound.

A polished, lo-fi tone, coupled with a generally easy and laid-back feeling permeate the tracks. This is definitely a body of work to be consumed as a whole– not an EP of singles. There are some surprising textural elements on a couple of the tracks, and we could tell Patrick was nervous about them. But they work. It works. Lyrically, Patrick has pushed himself and it shows in the best way possible. We found ourselves smirking. and relating. and even humming along by the end of a couple of the tunes.


And perhaps the most amazing thing about it, is that it all sounds effortless and genuinely cool.


This is an EP that is quintessentially current, with some great musical nods to a bygone era thrown into the mix. These are songs you could be rocking out in the desert to at Coachella next year. This is music people will want to hear live because the sound envelopes you – and Patrick allows the instruments to have their own little moments on most of the tracks.


Patrick himself doesn’t quite seem to know it yet, but he has created something great in his time with Felix. And Felix did a fantastic job of getting him to fully commit to being himself. The results are yet to be seen, but we have a feeling that a whole lot of people will love it.

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