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Chris Steinkampf

Hey Chris! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi my name is Chris! I’m an Electronic Music Production Major at Nimbus School of Recording and Media. I grew up in Kamloops BC, and am a huge fan of all the greenery that surrounds everything down at the coast! As a massive extrovert I’m usually found out and about with friends, either outside hiking or in a studio working on new music!

Choose three words to describe you.

Energetic, Artistic, and Loud.

Why did you join Y57?

I’ve always thought that talk shows and interview work was one of the coolest things someone could do so when an opportunity to work with a radio team arose, I jumped on it!

What do you currently do at Y57?

I’m currently one of the on-air hosts at Y57 interviewing artists!

What is your favourite part about being part of Y57?

Definitely the people I get to meet. From event directors, to musicians, to poets, I feel like I learn something new every single week.

Give yourself a nickname in relation to what you do on the show:

Chris the Easter Island Head (Cause their mouths are open.. and I talk)

What is your ultimate life goal?

My goal in life is to become an electronic music producer!

What are three things that you cannot live without?

Shoes, My laptop, and people.

What is your biggest fear?

For sure Spiders. Growing up in Kamloops with deadly spiders will do that to you…

Which celebrity would play you in the movie about you Chris?

Every part of me wants to say Chris Evans. But realistically, Andy Samberg.

Make a 5-song playlist of your favourite songs!

“Lost” – Illenium

“Lambo” – Quix

“Whisper” – Boombox Cartel

“Baby I’m yours” – Breakbot

“Redbone” – Childish Gambino

What social media can people find you at?

On Facebook under my full name, Christian Steinkampf, or at Instagram under Chris_Steinkampf!

This is part of a series that introduces you to the members of our Y57 team, which came together on January 3, 2017. Check out the other member’s profiles here!

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