Music Recap: May!

Hey Vancouver!

This month we had a variety of music guests that came into the studio to talk to the Y57 team about their music, upcoming shows and tour dates, and were treated to a few live performances!

Check out who you were listening to this month:

May 2, 2017 – The Long War

Jarrett and Chad, 2 out of 4 members of The Long War, came to visit us in the studio. The Long War recently won the 2017 CBC Searchlight competition, beating out other musical acts from across the country for this prestigious award and honour. The Long War’s music is described as indie folk rock with a lot of their musical inspiration taken from our beautiful country of Canada. It is super fitting that one of the perks of winning Searchlight is also receiving a week-long artist’s residency in Banff, as well as writing a song for Canada’s 150th Anniversary. Keep your eyes and ears out for that!

During the broadcast, Rachel talked to Jarrett and Chad about the history of the band, their Searchlight experience, and what adventures lie ahead for this new group!

The Long War recently played at the upcoming CBC Music Festival that took place on May 27 at Echo Beach in Toronto alongside other artists like Serena Ryder, Scott Helman and Walk Off The Earth.

Find The Long War at their official website and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram / Hear their music on YouTube

May 9, 2017 – Seaborne

Maryse and Solomon of Seaborne came to visit us today! Mirelle and Sam Miess talked to Seaborne about how Maryse and Solomon came together to create Seaborne, which is more electronic and ambient – very different from the indie music that they both used to play as part of previous musical acts.

Seaborne’s debut EP, Lustre, is effortless and so easy to listen to! We listened to three songs from Lustre: “Constellation/Flashes”, “I Lose You Lose”, and “Special (Interlude)”. We also found out what the meaning behind their name Seaborne is, the inspiration behind their new EP, as well as a few secrets about the production of the album and upcoming shows! Both Maryse and Solomon are incredibly talented, and we hope that you go check out their show on June 10 at the Railway Stage and Beer Cafe!

Find Seaborne on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram / Hear their music on Spotify and Soundcloud

May 16, 2017 – Bre McDaniel

Today we were visited by solo artist Bre McDaniel, who is super sweet and has a beautiful voice to listen to! We had a team effort interview by Grifyn, Sam Mumford and Sam Miess as we listened to a couple of songs from her EP Light Pollution: “Stardust” and title track “Light Pollution” as well as “Channel” by local artist Adam Charles Wilson which she is featured on.

During the course of the interview, we learned about Bre’s musical inspirations, her multi-faceted artistic talent, as well as how she goes about her creative process. Bre also explained the concept behind the title of “Light Pollution”, and Grifyn provided his own insights too!

Bre is going on tour soon, and she will have a stop in Vancouver on June 2! Be sure to follow her on social media to learn more about upcoming shows!

Find Bre McDaniel on Facebook and Instagram / Hear her music on Spotify and Soundcloud

May 30, 2017 – Daniel Pelton 


To wrap up the month of May, we had a Y57 first – music student and saxophone player Daniel Pelton came into the studio to talk about what it is like to be a full-time music student, pursuing your art and the work that goes into it! Daniel is a very talented alto saxophone player, among other instruments! We were treated to recordings of pieces that he wrote and performed, as well as two live performances in the studio!

Daniel provided exceptional advice to those looking to pursue a future in any creative field. He also is a major support of revitalizing music of other forms outside of pop and rap that dominate the music scene today, and we think he’s definitely on his way to making it happen!

Thanks for listening, and keep listening for more local music!

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