August 8, 2017 | Going “Crazy” for Yukon Blonde

On our show today, we had Brandon and Graham from the band Yukon Blonde come in to chat with us about their two new singles, as well as the upcoming Vancouver Mural Festival, which they will be headlining!

During Rachel’s interview with Brandon and Graham, we learned more about how Yukon Blonde came to be, what inspires their music, and their latest singles, “Crazy” and “Emotional Blackmail”. We also got to listen to “Crazy” on air, and we have to warn you, it’s a super dance-y track and you will definitely be on your feet within 5 seconds of hearing the track!

Listen to the interview here:

The Vancouver Mural fest is running from August 7 to 12, and will consist of live music, food trucks, performances, and mural installations. Yukon Blonde will be performing at the street party on August 12, along with Vancouver artist Louise Burns. Be sure to check them out, as well as all the artists’ beautiful wall art! All the action will be taking place in the Mount Pleasant area, along Main Street! Check out the Vancouver Mural Fest’s website for more information.

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