November 14, 2017 | Improvisation with the NOW Society

Members of the NOW Society taking part in a workshop. (Source)

On our show today, we were introduced to the NOW Society, which celebrates 40 years this year of making music.

NOW, or the New Orchestra Workshop, is a group of talented musicians that come together to make music, drawing on different backgrounds, experiences, and genres. They focus particularly on improvisation, or playing music that comes from the mind and heart and not music off of a score.

We got to chat with Lisa Cay Miller, who is the Managing Artist Director at the NOW Society, as well as featured instrumentalists Kris Davis (piano) and Lina Allemano (trumpet). The music that the NOW Society puts together is definitely an entirely different and unforgettable experience.

Listen to Rachel’s interview with the NOW Society as they talk about improvisational music, inspiration, and the journey that the NOW Society has taken over the past 40 years.

If you want to keep up to date with the NOW Society and see their upcoming performances, you can find them online at www.nowsociety.orgĀ as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

And of course, we wanted to wish our good pal and fellow co-host Grifyn a happy birthday!

Be sure to tune in next week for a brand new show!

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