January 9, 2018 | Community for a Sustainable World

Today on the show, Mirelle and Sam had the opportunity to sit down with Alanah, Kiana, and Matt from Community for a Sustainable World. This is an NGO that Alanah and Kiana, along with their third co-founder Nikki, formed in an effort to create more sustainable communities around the world. Their philosophy is to “teach a man how to fish” so as to create opportunities for communities to form sustainable practices that will have long term benefits.

Take a listen to the interview here, and learn more about how Community for a Sustainable World came to be, what their current and upcoming projects are, and get inspired!

To learn more about Community for a Sustainable World, check out their website at www.communityforasustainableworld.com, and you can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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