February 6, 2018 | Welcome back, Son of James!

On tonight’s show, we had the very talented Son of James in the studio to talk to Rachel about the release of his new EP, “Dragons in the Sky”! It’s inspired by a “hell of a day” that Son of James had in Chinatown. One of the mainstay songs of the show is his song “10 Paces”, which he performed live in the studio back in August of 2017 when he first came on. During the interview, Son of James also talked about his upcoming EP release/Chinese New Year show as well as his thoughts on how Chinatown is changing.

Listen to the interview here:

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The Dragons in the Sky release party will be on Thursday, February 22 starting at 8 PM at LanaLou’s (362 Powell Street, Vancouver) and will feature live music, drinks, and plenty of Chinese dice games and mahjong!

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