March 20, 2018 | SFU Fashion Week Season 5

Hello Vancouver!

In the studio for tonight’s show we had Mirelle, Alex, and Rachel. Alex had a phone interview with Dio Wong, who is the Artistic Director of SFU Fashion Week, which is in its 5th year this year! We got to hear all about what Fashion Week is and what people can expect at the show, which is happening on March 28-30! As well, Mirelle and Rachel also did a recap of Y57 Spring Jams!

Take a listen to tonight’s show here:

Check out the SFU Fashion Week event page on Facebook here!

As well, we wanted to thank some listeners for their feedback! Whenever we are going into a music break or just leaving one, we announce what song will be played or what was just played, but there are always some songs in the middle that never get announced! Vancouver has such amazing talent that we want to be sure that we can share all of it with you, so we’ll be sure to share the songs list that was played. The order of the list is exactly the order in which the songs were played on air.

Here is tonight’s playlist:

“I Get High”  by Chiinatown

“More Than Anyone” by Nikita Afonso

“Make It Through The Night” by Cruel Young Heart

“Righteous Man Pt. III” by Apollo Escobar

“Lunar Lullaby” by Moonmelt

“Discotech” by Bit Catchy

“Autumn Game” by Derrival

“Help is Needed” by Dom Fricot

“Tears of St. Lawrence” by Bre McDaniel

“Unfaith” by Ekali

“Habibi” by Tamino

Tonight’s show was hosted by Alex Bloom and produced by Rachel Wong.

Thanks again for tuning in, and we appreciate all the feedback that you have for us! If you’d like to get in touch, please do so by contacting us! We’ll see you next Tuesday night!

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