March 27, 2018 | A singer with a Heart of Gold

On tonight’s show, we had singer/songwriter Bre McDaniel! In an interview with Mirelle and Sam, Bre talked about the touring that she was up to since the last time we spoke, as well as her recent single “Heart of Gold” (a cover of the Neil Young song), her upcoming music projects and shows!

Have a listen to the interview:

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Here’s the playlist from tonight:

“Like Vineyards” by Little India (01:04)

“My Dear” by Ark & Ocean (04:38)

“Heart of Gold” by Bre McDaniel (08:15)

“Help is Needed” by Dom Fricot (24:24)

“Tears of St. Lawrence” by Bre McDaniel (48:53)

“Give It Up” by Bear Mountain (53:28)

“Lake Louise” by The Long War (56:19)

Tonight’s show was hosted by Sam Miess and Mirelle Mokhtar and produced by Rachel Wong.

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