April 3, 2018 | Some music for your ears

Tonight’s show was hosted by Mirelle and Alex, and though it was a quieter one, there was no shortage of great music! Check out our playlist for the show:

“Take Me Home” by Alexandra Maillot (02:27)

“Crickets” by Laura Reznek (05:09)

“The Best Days are Nights” by Smash Boom Pow (08:50)

“My Life” by SonReal (11:54)

“Toll” by Before Our Time (17:49)

“Ghosts of Our Past” by Derrival ft. Sarah Jeffrey (22:46)

“Night Bells” by Hollow Twin (26:25)

“Boys” by Jodi Peterson (31:50)

“Hide” by Desiree Dawson (36:57)

“True North” by Gerta Heba (40:36)

“Skeleton” by Fionn (44:38)

Take a listen:

Tonight’s show was hosted by Alex Bloom and Mirelle Mokhtar and produced by Josh Peterman.

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