April 10, 2018 | A strawless, single outfit future?

From the Rational Dress Society


On tonight’s show, Rachel, Sam and Sam had a discussion around sustainability and two little ways that sustainability can come into play in our lives today.

Sam brought to the show the fact that some restaurants and bars in the City of Vancouver are looking to go strawless as a way to reduce the amount of waste that gets thrown out every day. What do you think about a straw-free future?

Rachel brought to the show the Rational Dress Society and their goal to clothe everyone in one jumpsuit for the rest of their life. The RDS came up with this as a way to critique fast fashion as well as the social and environmental impacts that the fashion industry has. Would you wear only one jumpsuit for the rest of your lilfe?

Take a listen to hear how the debates went down:

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Here’s the playlist for tonight’s show:

“The End” by The Alleyway Saints (03:05)

“Out of Touch” by Bed of Stars (06:58)

“Heart of Gold” by Bre McDaniel (10:12)

“Kiss Me” by Dante Hadden (22:02)

“A Better Place” by The Archers (27:07)

“I’ll Get It Right” by Echo Nebraska (45:44)

“Spitfire” by Fallen Stars (50:26)

“Crazy” by Yukon Blonde (56:07)

Tonight’s show was hosted by Sam Miess and Sam Mumford and produced by Rachel Wong.


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