May 29, 2018 | A first play of Echo Nebraska’s “Hold Up to the Fire”

On tonight’s show, we welcomed¬†Echo Nebraska back to Co-op Radio! They first came to Co-op when they released their first EP about two years ago, and now they are out with their brand new album “Hold Up to the Fire”, which drops on Friday, June 1!

Members Devan and Andy sat down with Mirelle and Sam to talk about their new album and their upcoming tour. Devan also treated us to a live performance of “Leave the Lights On”, a song off the new album.

Alex also shared with us some community news in a local news beat.

Take a listen here:

Love what you heard tonight? Be sure to check out Echo Nebraska on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as their website,¬† You can also check out “Hold Up to the Fire” here!

Tonight’s show was hosted by Sam Miess and Mirelle Mokhtar, and produced by Rachel Wong.¬†

Here is tonight’s playlist:

“Games” by Nikita (01:58)

“Sleep” by Little India (05:41)

Follow Me” by Echo Nebraska (08:31)

“Leave the Lights On” by Echo Nebraska (21:30) – LIVE

“New Disguise” by Echo Nebraska (38:47)

“Lay Me Down” by I M U R (44:36)

“Help is Needed” by Dom Fricot (49:17)

“Reaction” by Acres of Lions (53:01)

“Ghosts of Our Past” by Derrival ft. Sarah Jeffrey (56:42)

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