June 5, 2018 | Sharing some new music

Today’s show featured some of our favourite tunes, along with some songs that we have been listening to recently! From Gorillaz to Ben Howard, check out what we’ve been listening to below. As well, it was super fun to have Sam’s friends join us behind the mic, so thanks for joining us!

Tonight’s show was hosted by Alex Bloom and produced by Sam Miess.

Here’s tonight’s playlist!

“Far From home” by The Tourist Company (00:59)

“New Disguise” by Echo Nebraska (03:49)

“Major Change” by Heard It In the Mountains (07:21)

“Skydive” by A P O L L O (13:02)

“Humility” by Gorillaz (19:02)

“Kiss Me” by Dante Hadden (24:41)

“Light Pollution” by Bre McDaniel (28:48)

“I’m Not a Saint” by Billy Raffoul (33:18)

“Unhappy” by Too Attached (37:16)

“What Way” by Wade Findlay (40:07)

“Nica Libres at Dusk” by Ben Howard (45:06)

“The Importance of Each Other” by Douse (52:10)

“Help is Needed” by Dom Fricot (54:30)

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