June 12, 2018 | Check out the Vancouver Care Project!

Vancouver Care Project founder Rachel Way.

On tonight’s show, we got to meet Rachel Way, who is currently a student at St. Thomas More secondary school in New Westminster. Through experiences such as We Day, participating in the United Nations Youth Assembly, and going to Tanzania to volunteer, Rachel developed a keen interest in social justice and giving back. These experiences helped her to create the Vancouver Care Project, which is a “Humans of New York” style blog that presents the stories of members of the Downtown Eastside, where Vancouver Co-op Radio broadcasts from.

Take a listen to Rachel’s interview with Rachel Way here:

Want to learn more about the Vancouver Care Project? Check out the Vancouver Care Project website and Instagram to start reading!

Tonight’s show was hosted by Rachel Wong and Alex Bloom, and produced by Sam Miess.

Here is the playlist for tonight’s show:

“My Dear” by Ark & Ocean (01:26)

“Follow Me” by Echo Nebraska (05:04)

“Games” by Nikita (16:07)

“True North” by Gerta Heba (20:47)

“Toll” by Before Our Time (27:00)

“Skeleton ” by Fionn (31:50)

“Red Lipstick” by Carousel Scene (35:49)

“Help is Needed” by Dom Fricot (39:44)

“Give It Up” by Bear Mountain (43:33)

“We Call It Home” by Winsome Kind (50:45)

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