June 19, 2018 | Alex’s infinite playlist

Tonight’s show was hosted and produced by none other than Alex Bloom! He held the fort down for us while the rest of the team was tied up with other things. He shared some of his favourite tunes with you on the show tonight, so be sure to listen in:

Tonight’s playlist!

“Uglin’ Bumpies” by Daniel Pelton (00:48)

“Righteous Man Pt. III” by Apollo Escobar (05:46)

“NewTone” (09:11)

“Blue Dream” by I M U R ft. Tee Krispil (12:21)

“I Get High” by Chiinatown (16:11)

“Crazy” by Yukon Blonde (19:35)

“Skinny Dipping” by Adam Janis (23:29)

“Breathe In Breathe Out” by The Long War (28:31)

“Help Is Needed” by Dom Fricot (33:15)

“The Autumn Game” by Derrival (36:56)

“Unfaith” by Ekali (39:18)

“Tears of St. Lawrence” by Bre McDaniel (42:07)

“More Than Anyone” by Nikita (45:55)

“Lunar Lullaby” by Moonmelt (49:49)

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