June 26, 2018 | Tattoo for your thoughts?

In light of Alex recently getting a new tattoo, the team talked about their experiences with tattoos and explored the meanings behind the ones that they have. Was it enough to convince Mirelle to get one? Find out on the show:

Tonight’s show was hosted by Mirelle Mokhtar, Alex Bloom, Grifyn McErlean and Sam Miess and produced by Rachel Wong.

The playlist from tonight:

“Into the Light” by Gerta Heba (01:54)

“Before Tomorrow” by Marine Drive (05:12)

“Uglin Bumpies” by Long Time No Time (09:52)

“Crazy” by Yukon Blonde (13:11)

“Guard Your Heart” by Portraits of Us (25:31)

“Magazine Face” by Fionn (29:28)

“Echoes” by Dom Fricot (32:34)

“Better When You’re Close” by Youngblood (34:14)

“Landscapes” by The Long War (38:57)

“This Much is True” by Winsome Kind (43:35)

“Heart of Gold” by Bre McDaniel (50:51)


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