July 3, 2018 | A true, millennial predicament

Today’s show was filled with tons of good music and some deep discussion around a pretty millennial predicament that Grifyn found himself in. Does he save up his money to find a place to live? Or does he splurge a bit and go travelling? Neither options are bad options, but one thing is for sure: they both cost a significant chunk of change. Take a listen to our discussion on this, and other things, during tonight’s show!

What would you do? Would you save up and buy a place to live? Or would you take that money and go on a trip somewhere? Share your ideas and thoughts with us on social media, @y57media!

Here is the playlist for tonight’s show:

“New Disguise” by Echo Nebraska (03:44)

“Ghosts of Our Past” by Derrival ft. Sarah Jeffrey (07:18)

“Our Rhythm” by Schwey (10:55)

“Your Time Just Hasn’t Come yet” by Timesuck (21:50)

“Master of Love” by Pink Licorice (23:55)

“Secret Apology” by Before Our Time (28:13)

“Lessons” by Tee Krispil (46:03)

“Closer to You” by Cassandra Bangel (48:53)

“High Hopes” by Panic! At the Disco (54:51)

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