July 10, 2018 | The Faces We Pass By Every Day

On the show today, Rachel interviewed the very talented Alex Sandvoss. Her art exhibit, entitled The Faces We Pass By Every Day, is a collection of oil paintings that Alex has painted over a few years. They feature people she has meet in the Downtown Eastside and the are absolutely beautiful and realistic.

Take a listen to the interview as well as the rest of the show!

Tonight’s show was hosted by Rachel Wong, Alex Bloom, and Sam Mumford, and produced by Rachel Wong.

Check out some of Alex’s work here:

This supportive community of friends ❤️ #community #dtes #art

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Here is the playlist for tonight’s show!

“Jessie” by Jet and the Art Engine  (2:05)

“Closer to You” by Cassandra Bangel (5:59)

“Night Bells” by Hollow Twin (19:29)

“Stay With Me” by Mob Bounce (37:05)

“Banging on My Drum” by David Ward (41:52)

“Love The Way You Are” by Yukon Blonde (44;27)

“In My Feelings” by Drake (51:10)

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