July 24, 2018 | Preview: The Tale of the Eastside Lantern

On tonight’s show, we welcomed back Son of James to the show! He talked about his upcoming project, The Tale of the Eastside Lantern. It is a Chinese rock opera that Son of James’ music is featured in, and has a very compelling story to tell about Vancouver’s Chinatown. The project also features the talents of the Vancouver Cantonese Opera. A preview of the entire first act of the show will take place on Saturday, July 28 at the CBC’s Studio 700 (700 Hamilton Street, Vancouver). Go check it out! Son of James also performed a song from the opera live on our show tonight.

Take a listen:

Today’s show was hosted by Rachel Wong and Alex Bloom, and was produced by Rachel Wong.

Here’s the playlist for tonight!

“If I Was Smooth” by Ryan Gazzola (2:29)

“Anchors” by Lucas Cole (6:23)

“Chinatown” by Son of James (10:08)

“All I Can Give” by Son of James (live – 33:36)

“No Dispute” by The Never Surprise (38:07)

“Love the Way You Are” by Yukon Blonde (42:08)

“Leave the Lights On” by Echo Nebraska (45:36)

“Landscapes” by The Long War (50:03)

“Their Hearts” by Maryse (56:00)

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