July 31, 2018 | New single release from Marine Drive

On tonight’s show, we welcomed back to the show Marine Drive! We first interviewed them back in April, and ever since they have gone on to perform a variety of shows. Their debut single, “Arms of a Ghost”, is now live everywhere!

Check out their brand new website as well — marinedrivemusic.com!

Take a listen to our interview with Marine Drive here:

Tonight’s playlist!

“Help is Needed” by Dom Fricot (01:56)

“Games” by Nikita (05:44)

“Follow Me” by Echo Nebraska (09:25)

“Arms of a Ghost” by Marine Drive (12:23)

“Arms of a Ghost” by Marine Drive (live — 29:00)

“Before Tomorrow” by Marine Drive (live –33:53)

“Sweet Water River” by Ciele (41:25)

“Heart of Gold” by Bre McDaniel (45:47)

“Love the Way You Are” by Yukon Blonde (53:05)


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