August 7, 2018 | Dreams do come true

Happy August, Vancouver! Tonight’s show featured Sam Miess, Sam Mumford, and Mirelle Mokhtar. They all caught up on some crazy opportunities that had come up in their lives recently — namely, Sam Mumford getting scouted by an international chef and Mirelle going viral for a beautiful singing video that she posted!

Take a listen here:

And of course, here is the playlist from tonight!

“Younity” by Tee Krispil (01:25)

“Follow Me” by Echo Nebraska (05:03)

“Heart of Gold” by Bre McDaniel (08:46)

“My Dear” by Ark & Ocean (11:57)

“True North” by Gerta Heba (15:40)

“Lake Louise” by The Long War (32:04)

“Toll” by Before Our Time (35:42)

“Rose Garden” by Shad (50:09)

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