August 14, 2018 | Welcome to The Boom Booms! 1

Fresh off their show at the Hornby Festival on Hornby Island, Alex interviewed two members of the amazing alt-soul band The Boom Booms.  We were joined by Sean and Tommy, and it was a groovy time all night long! Their latest album, A Million Miles, came out last year and we played a couple tracks from it.

You can catch The Boom Booms at the Skookum Music Festival on September 9, and keep your eyes peeled for tickets to their November 11 show at The Commodore Ballroom! You can also find The Boom Booms on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Take a listen to the show:

Tonight’s show also featured a first play of Fionn’s new single “Robert” — you can check out the music video for that here.

And the playlist from tonight:

“Robert” by Fionn (02:57)

“I Get High” by Chiinatown (06:13)

“All Day All Night” by The Boom Booms (09:37)

“Masterpiece” by The Boom Booms (19:52)

“Wasting Time” by The Boom Booms (30:40)

“Help is Needed” by Dom Fricot (33:53)

“Northern Lights” by Snotty Nose Rez Kids ft. Mob Bounce (38:40)

“Martyr” by Dammit Samantha (45:19)

“You Still Stay” by Matt Storm (51:27)

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