August 28, 2018 | Our last summer show

Tonight’s show was a super chill one and was hosted by Alex and Sam Miess. There is no better way to end off a summer of shows than with a show with a super chill playlist with all of our faves!

Take a listen:

Here is the playlist from tonight’s show:

“Tears of St. Lawrence” by Bre McDaniel (01:52)

“Younity” by Tee Krispil (05:43)

“Northern Lights” by Snotty Nose Rez Kids ft. Mob Bounce (09:21)

“Hot Rum” by The Boom Booms (15:56)

“Crazy” by Yukon Blonde (20:55)

“Follow Me” by Echo Nebraska (24:50)

“Out of Touch” by Bed of Stars (27:47)

“Summer’s Song” by Kutcorners (31:29)

“Emotion” by Ryan Gazzola (36:42)

“Kiss Me, Honey” by We Are The City(41:19)

“Closer To You” by Cassandra Bangel (44:33)

“Reaction” by Acres of Lions (47:30)

“Take Me Home” by Alexandra Maillot (51:28)

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