September 4, 2018 | TrudeauMania and Winsome Kind

Tonight was our first show back after the summer, and it was a PACKED one!

Take a listen:

In our first half hour, we were joined Katrina Teitz, an actress from Cloverdale. She’ll be playing Margaret Trudeau – our current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mom – for 8 performances of TrudeauMania at this year’s Vancouver Fringe Festival, which runs from September 6 to September 16. This musical chronicles the life of former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, and covers the well-known parts of his life as well as the lesser, more private parts of his life. We talked to Katrina about what it was like to play such an iconic person in Canadian history, and learned a little more about the show’s story as well as her own personal story.

TrudeauMania will open on Friday, September 7 at 8:45 PM at the Firehall Arts Theatre. For more information on this show, you can check out the Facebook event page. For more information on the Vancouver Fringe Festival, you can head over to their website at



In our second half hour, we were joined by Scott Perrie, who is one half of the folk-pop, husband and wife duo Winsome Kind. Their music is bubbly, easy to listen to, and has beautiful harmonies that are brought to life by their voices.

During the interview, we got to hear about how Scott met his wife Leora, how Winsome Kind came to be, talked about their music and played a few tracks off their latest album, “We Call It Home”. Their Vancouver album release party is happening this Saturday, September 8 at St. James Community Hall and is presented by the Rogue Folk. The show will also feature special guest Luke Wallace. For more information, check out the Facebook event page.

Want to keep up with Winsome Kind? Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and check out their website:




Tonight’s playlist:

“Dragons in the Sky” by Son of James (03:12)

“You Still Stay” by Matt Storm (07:02)

“Masterpiece” by The Boom Booms (10:06)

“Madame Trudeaux” by KT Tunstall (23:44)

“Season of Mine” by Travis James (30:48)

“Kaleidoscope” by Winsome Kind (34:46)

“We Call It Home” by Winsome Kind (45:46)

“Thinkin’ ‘Bout You” by Winsome Kine (53:03)

“Breathe In Breathe Out” by The Long War (56:58)

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