September 18, 2018 | Let’s talk about dating norms

Today’s show featured plenty of rocking tunes from some of your favourite local artists! We also had an interesting discussion about dating and dating norms. Some things we were curious about: who should pay on a first date? What’s your go to drink? How much should you drink on that first date? Take a listen to hear more:

Here is the set list from tonight’s show!

“Robert” by Fionn (02:38)

“Cold Tiles” by Josh Eastman (05:50)

“The Valley” by Hollow Twin (08:59)

“Follow Me” by Echo Nebraska (14:21)

“Mess You Made” by Sam Lynch (17:16)

“The Best Days are Nights” by Smash Boom Pow (20:18)

“Give A Little Love” by Ryan Gazzola (22:21)

“Crickets” by Laura Reznek (40:26)

“Waste Away” by Tee Krispil (44:36)

“You Still Stay” by Matt Storm (46:50)

“Love The Way You Are” by Yukon Blonde (49:51)

“Night After Night” by David Myles (55:40)

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