September 25, 2018 | Bre McDaniel’s “Howl” & Poets in the Kitchen

Tonight was a super packed show!

We first welcomed back to the studio the lovely Bre McDaniel, who chatted with us about her current and upcoming music projects. She just released a new single, “Howl”, and her new album will be released on October 26!

We also had poets Andrew Warner and Anjalica Solomon, who both will be performing at Culture Days this weekend (September 28-30). Culture Days take place at various venues in and around North Vancouver. They will perform as part of Poets in the Kitchen, which brings together spoken word, dialogue, and cooking.



Take a listen to our show tonight!

Here’s what we listened to tonight:

“The Fool” by Shad (02:10)

“Howl” by Bre McDaniel (05:27)

“Tears of St. Lawrence” by Bre McDaniel (17:38)

“Chrysolite” by Bre McDaniel (34:38)

“Celery Done Right” by Andrew Warner (49:27) — original poem

“Roti and Daal on a Sabbath Afternoon” by Anjalica Solomon (52:08) — original poem

“Sharks” by Strangebreed (55:15)

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