October 2, 2018 | Reel Youth Film Festival

On tonight’s show, Sam had the opportunity to interview Zoey and Han, who are part of the Reel Youth Film Festival! This is part of the Vancouver International Film Festival and helps empower young filmmakers and artists. What is truly incredible is the fact that all of these films are made by filmmakers who are under 20 years old – and we love that!

Take a listen to Sam’s conversation with Zoey and Han, as well as the rest of the show, here:

For more information about the Reel Youth Film Festival, you can check them out on Twitter!

Here is the playlist from tonight’s show:

“New Disguise” by Echo Nebraska (01:09)

“Arms of a Ghost” by Marine Drive (04:44)

“Breathe In Breathe Out” by The Long War (08:39)

“Help is Needed” Dom Fricot (22:07)

“Younity” by Tee Krispil (44:31)

“Sleep” by Little India (48:10)

“The Beat Stuff” by Hannah Georgas (51:02)

“Wolf Wife” by Jenny Ritter (55:15)


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