October 9, 2018 | Civic elections and turkeys

Happy belated Thanksgiving, Vancouver! On our show tonight, we talked about major issues that have been widely discussed with regards to the civic elections that are happening around Metro Vancouver. Civic elections take place on Saturday, October 20 and advanced voting in your area may now be available. Whether you go early or on voting day, be sure to go and exercise your right to vote!

While we’re super thankful for the opportunity to exercise our democratic rights, we also talked about what we had for Thanksgiving dinner! We were visited by some very interesting friends in the studio!

Take a listen to our show here:

As always, we are so grateful for all you listeners! Thanks for joining us every week!

Here’s our song list for this week’s show:

“New Disguise” by Echo Nebraska (02:10)

“The Ones You Love” by Laura Reznek (05:45)

“Howl” by Bre McDaniel (09:42)

“True North” by Gerta Heba (13:26)

“Cold Tiles” by Josh Eastman (16:47)

“Castles” by Fionn (32:52)

“Fancy Cars” by Gigaheartz (36:58)

“Lovesick” by We Are Mystic (47:21)

“Arms of a Ghost” by Marine Drive (54:14)

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