October 23, 2018 | Matt Storm & Major 7th Medicine

On tonight’s show, we welcomed musician and producer Matt StormĀ to the studio! He released his EP Major 7th Medicine last week on October 16 and also had a release show to share it with listeners. He came by to talk to Rachel about the EP, his music and other projects, as well as the significance behind the title of his EP. Take a listen below:

If you want more Matt Storm, be sure to follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, check out his website (mattstorm.ca) and his Spotify!

Here is the playlist from tonight’s show:

“This is War” by Bank Heist (01:25)

“Chinatown” by Son of James (05:01)

“Floating” by Matt Storm (08:18)

“Look at Me Baby” by Matt Storm ft. Desiree Dawson (20:11)

“Now That You’re Here” by Matt Storm (33:02)

“Kiss Me Honey” by We Are The City (36:33)

“We Call It Home” by Winsome Kind (40:30)

“The Militant Mothers of Raymur” by Bre McDaniel (44:18)

“Maps” by Zaac Pick (47:40)

“Show Me How You Wanna Be Loved” by Blonde Diamond (54:48)

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