October 30, 2018 | New Music Tuesday

On the show tonight Sam and Mirelle were joined by a new friend Becca (!!) and we listened to some new music that has been playing on repeat. Mirelle’s been listening to a lot of Jacob Banks, Becca introduced us to The Birds and The Bee, and Sam played us some brand new Sara Bareilles. It was a show filled with music, and we hope you enjoy it!

Take a listen here:

Here’s the set list from tonight’s show, featuring those new favourite tunes!

“Extra Mile” by Deluxe

“The Militant Mothers of Raymur” by Bre McDaniel

“West (feat. Daniel Caesar)” by River Tiber

“The Revolution/The Establishment” by Shad

“The Stone Throwers (Gone in a Blink)” by Shad

“Allen Ginsberg’s Song” by Bre McDaniel

“Chainsmoking” by Jacob Banks

“Recreational Love” by The Bird and The Bee

“Armor” by Sara Bareilles

“Unknown (To You)” by Jacob Banks

“Breathe In Breathe Out” by The Long War

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