November 13, 2018 | Youth Film Night at Parksfest

If you’re into parks, this is the show for you! Tonight, Rachel had a conversation with Miki Eslake, a park interpreter and the lead coordinator for the first ever Youth Film Night. This is an evening event that is part of the three day Parksfest, which is presented by Metro Vancouver Regional Parks. Parksfest takes place from Thursday, November 15 to Saturday, November 17 at the Anvil Centre in New Westminster. The theme of this year’s Parksfest is “The Necessity of Nature in a Changing World”.

During Youth Film Night, youth and young adults will be able to visit interactive exhibits and meet with park staff to learn more about how to get involved with Metro Vancouver Regional Parks. The main event will be a screening of The Peel Project followed be a panel conversation about the film. And the best part? The event is absolutely free!

Here’s the trailer for The Peel Project:

Take a listen to our show from tonight:

Here’s our playlist from tonight’s show:


“Million Bells” by The Eli Wallis Quintet (01:11)

“The Valley” by Hollow Twin (04:52)

Trailer for “The Peel Project” (17:13)

“Light Pollution” by Bre McDaniel (24:41)

“Crickets” by Laura Reznek (26:16)

“Landscapes” by The Long War (30:00)

“Allen Ginsberg’s Song” by Bre McDaniel (34:16)

“Watch the Pacific” by Nicholas Cheung (37:14)

“True North” by Gerta Heba (39:13)

“Hot Rum” by The Boom Booms (42:11)

“Pull Me Down” by Josh Eastman (50:47)

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