November 27, 2018 | Sydney Beau and “The Hummingbird EP”

On tonight’s show, we were joined by singer-songwriter Sydney Beau! Hailing from the Fraser Valley, her sound and music is incredibly diverse, and she showcased that tonight. With some folk and some electronic music influences, Sydney will keep you on your toes and dancing! Sam sat down with her to talk about her music and her latest release, “The Hummingbird EP”.

Take a listen to our show here:

Stay up to date with Sydney Beau by checking out her website ( and following her on Facebook and Instagram!

Here is the playlist from our show tonight! Some songs of note are the new single “Bathe” by Josh Eastman and Matt Storm’s “Look At Me Baby”, which now has a brand new music video to go along with it!

“Dragons in the Sky” by Son of James (01:12)

“Bathe” by Josh Eastman (05:02)

“Horses With Wings” by Sydney Beau (09:02)

“Between the Rain” by Sydney Beau (LIVE – 24:57)

“Utopia” by Sydney Beau (40:40)

“Men Like You” by Maryze & Ciele (44:42)

“Look At Me Baby” by Matt Storm ft. Desiree Dawson (48:17)

“Ancient Mars” by The Zolas (55:49)


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