December 4, 2018 | N’RTH and his “Alive!” EP

Happy December, Vancouver! We can’t believe it’s already the last month of the year. To kick off this month, we welcomed to the studio N’RTH. His music is a talented mix of a few different genres that create a unique sound. Rachel sat down with him to talk about his music, how he got his start, and how 2018 has been for him. This year, he released TWO EPs and performed a number of shows.

Take a listen to our show here:

Courtesy of N’RTH 

Want to meet N’RTH and learn more about him? You can check out his website ( for upcoming music and show announcements, as well as his Facebook, Instagram, and his Spotify.

Here is the playlist from tonight’s show:

“I’ll Get It Right” by Echo Nebraska (00:26)

“Between the Rain” by Sydney Beau (05:35)

“Puzzle” by N’RTH (08:58)

“Alive” by N’RTH (22:49)

“Happiness” by N’RTH (35:58)

“Most Nights” by Dante Hadden (39:27)

“Heart Placement” by Sister Says (42:47)

“I Hope To Be Around” by Men I Trust (48:43)

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