December 11, 2018 | A big year for Small Town Artillery 1

Small Town Artillery’s music is fun, upbeat, and full of soul.

On tonight’s show, we welcomed back Tom van Deursen! You may remember him as part of The Boom Booms, and beyond that incredible band he also fronts Small Town Artillery. Hailing from Kaslo, BC, Small Town Artillery puts the values of a small town – integrity, honesty, and vulnerability – into their music. A mix of upbeat rock and an incredible horn section, Small Town Artillery is a live show you don’t want to miss. And if you’re intrigued, Small Town Artillery has a show this Friday, December 14 at The Rio with other incredible guests! 

If you want to follow Small Town Artillery, check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and on their website –

Take a listen to tonight’s show:

Here is the playlist from tonight:

“Cup of Tea” by Little Wild (02:10)

“IWD” by Carousel Scene (05:51)

“Big Dreams” by Small Town Artillery (10:26)

“Only the Lonely” by Small Town Artillery (25:42)

“Masterpiece” by The Boom Booms (42:59)

“Above the Clouds” by Winsome Kind (46:42)

“Crazy” by Yukon Blonde (49:42)

“Breathe In Breathe Out” by The Long War (54:47)

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One thought on “December 11, 2018 | A big year for Small Town Artillery

  • trisha elliott

    This is the first time I’ve heard Tom interviewed and it’s amazing how articulate he is in just conversation, minus all the instruments. I am from Nelson and I love how he describes the ‘artillery’ of a small town and bringing those elements to the concrete jungle. What a necessary light he brings to every physical stage and online platform I’ve seen. Take it as far as you can Tom!