January 8, 2019 | “Young and In Love” with Biawanna

Biawanna’s music is raw and vulnerable, but also exhibits incredible power and beauty. Photo courtesy of Biawanna.

Welcome back, Vancouver! We hope you had a great holiday and enjoyed our Christmas and New Year’s specials (which you can catch by checking out the links)! On our first live show back featured Vancouver artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Biawanna. At the end of 2018, Biawanna released two singles, and started off 2019 with a brand new single. With the year just getting started, there is much more to come from Biawanna and we can’t wait!

Take a listen to our interview with Biawanna here:

Be sure to follow Biawanna on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, stream her music on Spotify, and check out her website: biawanna.ca.

Biawanna in action with Larry Ohh! From @biawanna on Instagram.

Here is the playlist from our show tonight:

“Isolation” by Josh Eastman (01:40)

“Now That You’re Here” by Matt Storm (04:34)

“Young and In Love” by Biawanna (08:15)

“Care” by Biawanna (20:32)

“Take You Back” by Biawanna (28:56)

“Only The Lonely” by Small Town Artillery (32:51)

“Thinkin’ ‘Bout You” by Winsome Kind (38:15)

“Technicolour Daydream” by Smash Boom Pow (41:02)

“Alive” by N’RTH (44:43)

“Most Nights” by Dante Hadden (48:03)

“Afterglow” by I M U R (54:16)

Also, in case you were wondering which meme Rachel was referring to at
51:49, it was this one:

Aren’t memes the best? Photo from Know Your Meme.

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