January 15, 2019 | Guitar genius Kin Balam

Tonight we welcomed Kin Balam into the studio to share his guitar-driven music with us. Balam’s music brings together various elements of Flamenco, Latin American, Afro Latin Jazz, Indigenous Mesoamerican and Hip Hop to create a style that he calls “the language of our humanity”. His guitar playing is amazing, and his raps and songs have a lot of depth and passion.

Listen to Kin Balam’s interview, as well as a live performance of two of his original songs, here:

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Kin Balam, in action! Photo provided by artist.

Here is the playlist for our show tonight:

“Young and In Love” by Biawanna (02:36)

“Hot Rum” by The Boom Booms (06:47)

“Generaciones” by Kin Balam (10:23)

“I Shed My Fear” by Kin Balam (50:56)

“Big Dreams” by Small Town Artillery (57:12)

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