February 5, 2019 | The Crescent Sky’s beautiful harmonies

The Crescent Sky's music is AMAZING.
The lush harmonies of The Crescent Sky are made up of (from left to right) Anna Luth, Anna Ratzlaff, Regan Luth, and Jason Ratzlaff. (photo provided by the artist)

On tonight’s show, we welcomed the vocal quartet The Crescent Sky to Y57 to talk about their new single “Northern Lights”, how they formed as a beautiful band and got a sneak preview of their forthcoming single “Steady (Here and In Between)”! Take a listen to Sam’s conversation with The Crescent Sky here:

To learn more about The Crescent Sky, check out their website, as well as their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Here is the playlist from tonight’s show:

“Show Me How You Wanna Be Loved” by Biawanna (03:26)

“Northern Lights” by The Crescent Sky (07:33)

“Cold Weather” by The Crescent Sky – LIVE (24:37)

“Steady (Here and In Between)” by The Crescent Sky (36:38)

“Pipelines” by Bre McDaniel (41:14)

“Ghosts” by Adam Mah (45:29)

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