February 19, 2019 | “You Got Me”… and we got Ivan Hartle!

Ivan Hartle performing live.
Ivan Hartle’s music “elicits vintage vibes and floats between the blues, soul, and folk genres”. (Photo provided by artist)

On tonight’s show, we welcomed Ivan Hartle and played his debut single “You Got Me”! We talked about his music, performances, and Ivan even performed his forthcoming single “Runnin'” live in studio for us!

Take a listen to our interview and hear his live performance here:

Ivan has a lot of performances coming up, so stay tuned to his website, Facebook and Instagram to see where he’s going next and stay up to date with his new music releases!

Here’s the playlist for tonight’s show:

“Toll” by Before Our Time (01:24)

“Afterglow” by I M U R (06:13)

“You Got Me” by Ivan Hartle (18:49)

“Runnin'” by Ivan Hartle – LIVE (29:17)

“You Still Stay” by Matt Storm (34:18)

“Big Dreams” by Small Town Artillery (37:20)

“Alive” by N’RTH (41:11)

“Northern Lights” by The Crescent Sky (45:20)

“Lights” by Josh Eastman (48:26)

“Back Pocket” by Vulfpeck (53:10)

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