About Us

Who Are We?

Your City. Your Voice. Your Y57. 

  • Y57 Media is a local indie news and music show
  • We are dedicated to representing young adults and addressing issues not covered by mainstream media
  • We provide a platform for local up-and-coming musicians to showcase their talent on live radio
  • A news story is featured every week on issues that concern young adults
  • The program emphasises thoughtful discussions and live interviews 


Y57 is currently hosted by Alex Bloom, Grifyn McErlean, Sam Miess, Mirelle Mokhtar, Sam Mumford, and Rachel Wong. We air live every Tuesday night on Vancouver Co-op Radio, CFRO 100.5FM from 7-8PM. The Y57 team is made up of a group of young and passionate journalists, music buffs, fashionistas, and social media nerds who are dedicated to providing young Vancouverites high quality, original content. We are YOU in 57 Minutes!


Y57 is your local community driven source for independent music, social issues, and events. 



Y57 Media was founded by Ovey Yeung in 2004. It started as a temporary project funded by the City of Vancouver, where young people were to be given the opportunity to learn about radio broadcasting and to build communication, radio, and media skills through a youth-dedicated radio show. The radio program, which aired on an alternative radio frequency, allowed youth to get actively involved in their community, and also provided a means to let their peers stay informed on issues and local events that were happening around the city. After the initial funding ran out in 2010, Y57 Media decided to bring the idea for the show to Vancouver Co-op Radio, who agreed to air it on their station – where we’ve been ever since!